4,3,2,1…What We Fighting For


Music: k-os – 4,3,2,1

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What We Fighting For?

We’ve been doing this for some time now, and that question always arises.  The reason it always does is because we haven’t taken the easy way out/in.  We’ve taken the road less traveled and we’re still on this journey.  We’ve had to fight for our way to this spot.  We’ve had to fight each other to keep that will alive.  We’ve had to fight off the doubters.  We’ve had to fight off the leeches.   We’ve had to fight off our family, friends, & lovers.  We’ve had to fight off the bulls**t deals.  We’ve had to fight off the so-called “experts” and “professionals.”  We’ve had to fight off tradition and convention. We’ve had to fight off the hunger, the debt, the recession.  We’ve had to fight the time.  We’ve had to fight these times.  And “for what?”, you may ask.  We’ve been fighting for YOU! The New Artists, the New Musicians, the New Writers, the New Designers, the New Personalities, the New New York, and the New World.

Everything we do over here at GFCnewyork is inspired by YOU.  Our legacy will be defined by what we all do today as individuals, as a society, and as a Culture…Today is Tomorrow.

“We Do This For The Culture”