Celebrating Life

Photo Credit: Kai Avent-deLeon

Music: Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

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My mind is rambled right now with thoughts and words, but I’m going to figure how to arrange them coherently as I write this.

“The same sword they knight you, they gonna good night you with/sh*t, that’s only half if they like you/that ain’t even the half of what they might do/don’t believe me, ask Michael…”

These words would cross my mind as I read countless text messages and watched various media outlets report the news on Michael Jackson yesterday.  I use the word “report” loosely, because it felt more like “promote.”  It seemed like everyone was more concerned with being the first to report his death, than actually praying for him to pull it through.  I can only imagine how it felt to be one of his immediate loved ones, wishing for him to fight his way back but knowing the world was stating otherwise.

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Empty Dreams


Inspiration: Salvador Dali Woman at the Window, 1925

“Clouds overtake me
Please don’t forsake me
I desperately want to be an escapee
I’m on a peninsula of despair
And yet… I’m stranded with a cinema to stare… at
Is what keeps me intact
Fact of the matter is, I use tact
To carefully distract, my mind from going black
Waters… Take me to an abyss of bliss
Below the fish that exist in the mist of a wish….
Never have I experienced belligerence
However my physical is extremely ambiguous
My imagery has been secluded into delusion
What is the solution?
….. Do I leave
….. Do I survey
….. Do I dream
….. Do I stay
Do I?”
– It’z Mickey

For more information on Salvador Dali click HERE

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It’s My Heart, Cookie


A few weeks ago our beloved Jade performed in downtown’s nightlife mecca, Santos Partyhouse for Q-Tip, Rich Medina, & Vashtie’s Friday night weekly, OPEN.  This is where the thugs comingle with the hipsters, the execs with the tastemakers, and so forth.  It’s a real micro  assesment of where New York is currently at.  Anyhow, as the performance transpired, Jade would work her magic over the entire room as she captured everyone’s heart.  She isn’t misleading when she says, “It’s my heart, cookie.” Jade’s music endearingly inherits your soul, as you slowly begin to realize you’re heart is now hers…

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Visit Trace212 to read “A Jade of  All Trades” for their review of Jade’s Santos performance.  Maybe then you’ll believe in magic.

To hear more music from Jade, click “It’s My Heart, Cookie” to download her free EP.  Also be sure to check her PERFORMING LIVE at SOBs on Tuesday July 14th.

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Kwasi & Nakim In LUSSW [June/July 09]


Pick up the new issue of Japanese Publication, LUSSW Magazine.  In the June/July issue they feature 3 of the top upcoming stylists & designers hailing from The Black Apple.  Of course one of them being GFCnewyork’s very own Kwasi & Nakim of The LifeStylists.  Check out the spread photographed by Jared Ryder after the jump.

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Ghost In The Machine


Inspiration: iri5 Ghost In The Machine: Jimi Hendrix, 2009

“Ghost In The Machine
“All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel.”
I’m alive again
It’s time again
The spool is inside again
This is not contrived within
Instead it’s outside my skin
Just like when
Coffee lets out an aroma
So does
The sole controller of a musical persona
That is you, oh dear cassette controller
Breathe in Jimi….
Let it consume you and begin Jimi
We miss you
We feel enthralled when your sounds exist thru
The instrumental
No stencil
No pencil
Just a tangible symbol
Resurrected thru the finger
Press play… Let it linger
Just a strand of the hair of this singer
Could bring forth monumental thinkers
……. Think about it”
– It’z Mickey

For more information on iRI5 click HERE

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“Fuq Pop” Movie Posters


GFCnewyork’s creative director, Ronin/SS, has a new series entitled Fuq Pop.  Combining all his arenas of interest; Pop Culture, Media, Sexuality & Film, he was able to achieve the vintage aesthetics of 1960-70s print mixed with the more contemporary feel of today’s work à la manga.  To view other images from the set click HERE

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Mickey Factz – Flying Balloons


Music: Mickey Factz – Flying Balloons (Prod. By Cookin Soul)

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“Life is like a flying balloon/it all starts once you out of the womb/right now I’m the ground with a broom/won’t stop till I fly to the moon/I’m blown…”

For more info on Flying Balloons and 1:ooAM and Rising visit NahRight

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Words From Callender – Sober


I have had more time than anyone for my words from. I woke up one day feeling like every other day with the same thoughts from the other day. I lived by “if i want to continue to be a successful man I have to be a better man than I was the day before” so everyday I have to step it up. I felt like I wasn’t getting better waking up feeling the same way I did the day before. So I cut a major pass time out of my daily/weekly schedule. Now I wake up feeling better than i did the day before. Especially with the friends, enemies, & associates doubting me. So I’m some what successful everyday and i’m a better man than i was the day before……………………

10 DAYS F*CKING SOBER… I win! already WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT….. “i just turned it up on yall”

Callender aka Gookie Monster

PS. F*ck typos and proof reading…

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Coffee Break


Inspiration: Zach Johnsen Coffee Break, 2009

“Time to grind
No 9 to 5
9 to 9
My mind’s a mine
Define my line… of work
It hurts
A time bomb under my tie and shirt
The worth of my work isn’t worth the hurt
My son rode his first bike today
While I’m on the phone with a client typing my life away
I kissed my wife today
She waved back as I sadly had to drive away
To listen to what my boss is tryna say
I’m frantic
I panic
Frenetically systematic
Genetically I’m a manic
My energy isn’t passive
I’ve had it, my cup runneth over with black water
I’m on the brink of manslaughter
The eagle eye’s watching me through their camcorder
They see I work harder, They want me to work harder
– It’z Mickey

For more information on Zach Johnsen click HERE

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World Premiere: Mickey Factz ft. Kid Cudi – Do My Do

Photo Credit: David LaChapelle

Music: Mickey Factz – Do My Do ft. Kid Cudi (Prod. By Precize)

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“And while  you ridin’ around and the radio keep playin’ all that weak shit/but we that heat shit/but I can’t complain cus it’s what the world might need from you/you n!@@as can’t do my do”

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