Words From Poppa Purp – Pain


Real niggas cry when real niggas die.

July 29th 2009

They killed one of my best friends. After 5 aimless hours of walkin through the hood i decided to lay back and write this. I know yall are used to my comical comentary and stories but just lemme vibe out a lil, i need an outlet, My mind is fucked up, the tears stopped temporarily, i never had someone that close to me get clipped. Pain is an emotion i was lucky enough to dodge over the years exept for tonight. I gotta get out the hood, this life isnt detrimental towards living, niggas die in the hood everyday but why my Terell? why couldnt he be an exception to our environment? whats so crazy about it is that our last conversation was about how long we knew eachother and how no-one in the immediate click ever got taken off this earth…..see how life works, here today, gone tomorrow. Shit be too ironic, too coincidental. There i am in the hospital watchin him on that bed amazed at what im seein…..my Terell dead, gone…how? why?…i kissed his hand and told him goodbye, my nigga for life, i can only see u in my thoughts now but dont forget to save me a spot in the clouds when i get to see you again.

R.I.P Terell Rivers

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Melo-X’s BLACKsummers’night

Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP Cover

The Renaissance Man and homie Melo-X dropped an EP today via OkayPlayer. The EP titled “Maxwell’s Instrumental Remix EP” is a full six track instrumental EP of “Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night “as remixed by MeLo-X.

Clicke HERE to download.

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Stalking Guitar Lesson


Inspiration: Balthasar Klossowski de Rola Guitar Lesson, 1934

“Binoculars from an explorer
Scopes out the homes of women as a voyeur
When his eyes loiter
They come across a lesson
What’s viewed is etched in
His skeleton
Strings are still pulled
The disgust in his cornea is full
Hair like wool
Draped over the treasured prize
Instead, helplessness is what derives
Could it be
A missed note off key
The tune up wasn’t correct…

I see
Tutor and student
The future’s eluded
The music’s secluded
Instead I’m viewing a truant
Using her movements
Confusing the foolish…

Is this a spanking
Or a thanking?
As the shade on his window closes
He finally hears the strings from the guitar stroking…

Music to his ears” – It’z Mickey

For more information on Balthasar Klossowski de Rola click HERE

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Band of Brothers


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Thank You




Photo Credit: Mel D. Cole

We did it again!! Amazing Performances!! Camera Frenzy!! Sold Out Show!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to show love at The Black Apple event this past Tuesday.  All our family, friends and supporters.  We do this for you.

“We Do This For The Culture”

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The Black Apple


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Sad Really…


If you know Mickey personally or follow him on Twitter, then you know “Sad Really” is one of his signature phrases.  Well the girls over at Boys + Clothes decided put a list together of Mickey’s Top 10 “Sad Really” Tweets.  Click HERE to go check them out.  Pure comedy.

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Jade<3 inCOLOR


All of our acts are pulling out the stops as we get closer to our D-Day of Tuesday, July 14th: The Black Apple at SOBs.  The rehearsals have been pretty intimate as the attendance has been family/team ONLY.  Well last week, we had some peeps (pun intended) from inCOLOR come check Jade<3 out at one of her rehearsals for the show.  Click HERE to read their feature on Jade<3, as well as click HERE for some candid shots taken during the rehearsal.

Also click HERE for Jade<3 on K+R

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World Premiere: Jim Jones ft. Nakim – Hustler’s Serenade


Music: Jim Jones ft. Nakim – Hustler’s Serenade

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

“I was a man who never played by rules, struggled every day and night/thuggin was a way of life, it didn’t matter wrong or right/I am a man who walk stead of possum how my life depended on money/living in a gangster’s dream, while humming the words I call my hustler’s serenade”

To download Hustler’s Serenade click HERE

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