The Start

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The place was Footlocker Herald Square, the year 2004. A chance meeting with P. Diddy’s Stylist while working the cash register was my opportunity to break into the fashion industry, and I did just that. I knew I had to make my mark. I left the store on the spot and made a trip to Alife to floss my sneaker knowledge and purchase the Olympic air max 95s for Diddy (he had just run the Olympic torch). No size 13 for Mike B? “I can get them I got you”. After Mikes trip to Miami, size 13 in the Olympic Air max 95s were delivered. “I can’t take your money I want to be your intern”. After a month of heavy calling and texting I was interning at Bad Boy, working at footlocker part-time, Bloomingdales nights and weekends and maintained my full time student status at CCNY talk about ultimate Hustler!

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Photos By Tone x Steve-O & Saint Photoshoot


A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Tone about the origin of GFCnewyork as well as the future. These are the pictures from that day. Video coming soon. Click HERE for more

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Kaws for Vogue


Receently the works of Kaws have hit the pages of Vogue magazine. The magazine sticking to the script, but over the past couple of years Vogue has expanded on their highlights for different mediums other than fashion. Kaws is a particularly known graffiti artist. His work tells a story that speaks to many audiences. Check out the rest of his work. We can guarantee you’ll find something that makes you stare for a bit…


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Mickey Factz – #FuckYourShow PT. 1 & 2 (Prod. By Precize)


Self Explanatory. Click HERE & HERE to download.

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Fuck Your Party/Show


Crazy CMJ Week Ahead












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Caught In The Act – SABIT


Kwasi and Nakim take a trip to SABIT NYC. Members of the GFC family  stop by the showroom to check out the new inventory.  Kwasi is seen sporting a SABIT flannel and Nakim is wearing a SABIT militant style jacket. The stylists were on the scene gearing up their latest client in a piece or two by SABIT. For more info on SABIT click HERE.

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The Biggest Box

Throughout my various life experiences and environments of growth, I had an awakening a few years back.  I would look at people and the world differently since that point forward.  I learned that I shouldn’t focus on thinking outside of the box, but rather on how could I make this box bigger.  It’s an ideal very simple to understand, but not as simple to live.  Sometimes you have to experience those “impacting moment/s” that force that change to not only be understood, but lived.  I lived through those moments, and Yossi Ghinsberg has had as well.  For those who haven’t experienced that point in life yet; when it happens, you’ll know.  And when you know, please follow it’s lead.


Street Etiquette

Tone interviewed Trav and Josh of Street Etiquette, an up and coming men’s fashion blog that is building an active viewership very fast. I really believe in these guys. They are the future for men’s fashion and lifestyle.

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FKi – Turn It Up

Atlanta’s FKi prep for the release of their Magnum mixtape with the single/video “Turn It Up” directed by Virgil Solis and RubyHornet, shot on location in Atlanta.

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