The Mind Of Mustafa : Episode 02 : The PreShow

In Episode 2 “The Preshow”. We talk with MeLo-X about the First time he performed after the release of his mixtape “Mustafa’s Renaissance” which was released through ONSMASH.COM

This first show was used as a preshow for MeLo-X’s bigger performance at Blender Theater the next month.

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Video: Killer [Teaser] by Tony Billz

Today we have an exlcusive  trailer  done  by and up-and-coming  director named Tony Billz!  The video is a cover story  for  the  song  “Killer” performed by the artist Drake ft Nipsey Hussle.  Tony  improvised  and got  Lamar  Ballard  of Harlem Heights to play Drake and  Raj  as  Nipsey Hussle.  It’s a bit creepy  how Raj looks just like Nipsey.  The styling was done by yours truly GFC’s blogger LabelxLove- Kamylle Marie.  I hope you all enjoy the  trailer and watch out for the official video.

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Theophilus London feat. Jesse Boykins III- Humdrum Town


This is Theo’s single off of Green Label Sounds. Click HERE to download the song.

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The Black Apple Memoirs: Entry 1

It takes the spirit of a true New Yorker to break through the dark and unknown. To be in your own zone, no compromises, a true bastard paving your own lane in this city. Witness as we, GFCnewyork, master our journey and express our experiences in the culture of the “The Black Apple.”

Entry 1: GFCnewyork artists Mickey Factz & Stalley visit DD172 Space to sit in on a pow wow with Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa as Dame Dash speaks on respecting and maintaining relationships within the industry. 

Documented by

Edited by Steve-O of GFCnewyork

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FuckYourParty 10/20/09

CMJ After party. Guest appearances from Mickey Factz, Pac Div, CurT@!n$, Rob Roy, Precize, Dice the God and More…

Documented by

Edited by Steve-O of GFCnewyork

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Dame Dash’s DD172 Space


Last night, Saint, Nakim and I stopped by DD172 Space. I love the energy in that place. Nothing but good vibes going on in there. Props to Mel D. Cole for capturing the night. More pictures after the jump.

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Jade<3 – Cookie Cut [Webisode 2]

Hey guys,

We wanted to give a little heads up to those who have been supporting us especially on the heart cookie EP. im really blessed to have good people in my life and i hope i make you as happy as you make me<3

with love always,


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Steve-O & Saint Interview With TONE

Saint and I stop by the loft and chop up some stories and thoughts on our humble beginnings and our accomplishments. Click HERE for the images.

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Jade<3 – Cookie Cut [Webisode 1]

“Whether reintroducing ourselves or meeting you for the first time, we wanted to create a more accessible way of connecting with us. In a time where the internet has cut out the middle man we would like to bring directly to you, Jade<3 in what is the first of many web-based content to come your way”

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