Smoke DZA – Divine Music (Video) Directed By Visually Inklined

For Smoke DZA’s video we wanted to show a different side of Harlem primarily through Smoke’s eyes along with his friends, family and neighbors. We set out on a 4 day journey throughout Harlem capturing as much footage as we could. The entire team had an amazing time and had a lot of fun capturing Harlem – Visually Inklined

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Mickey Factz Rehearsal: Ashes feat. Jade<3

Check out footage of Mickey Factz & Jade<3 rehearsing Ashes for his show on April 1st at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street, New York).

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Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” In Theaters Soon!

Exit Through The Gift Shop, will hit theaters in the United States beginning on Friday, April 16th in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dates for additional cities across the country, including Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta will be announced soon.

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Mickey Factz Santos Party House [Video Flyer]

“This Thursday, Apr 1st @ Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street, New York) in conjunction with MeanRed Productions, I’ll be bringing back my band “The Red Pillz” for a performance of “thedarkphoenix#ALPHA” and other fan favorites. Truthfully, this will be an epic performance to be remembered…Don’t miss out”

For more info on the event visit:

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Kwasi Invades NYU Denim Exhibit

If you’re anyone that knows me, you know that I LOVE me some denim. When I heard NYU was having a Denim exhibition I got on the 1st thing smoking and made it down to the exhibit on the last day, in the last hour in a rain storm aka Tsunami. Although I arrived while they were packing up I was able to capture the essence of the exhibit,

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Steve-Ography – We Are Alive! (Podcast 1)

Art & Music, are evidence of life.  And my life revolves around art & music.  It is a cycle, that allows me to wake up everyday.  “We Are Alive!” will be a monthly podcast series that I share with you.  You’ll get a glimpse and listen to the art & music that inspires me to live and progress, in hopes that we can all inspire each other to do the same, as art & music should. Click HERE to listen & download.

Track Listing:

Mos Def – Umi Says (Zero 7 Mix)

Me’Shell Ndegéocello – The Sloganeer

Theophilus London – Ooos and Ahhs feat. Jesse Boykins III

Lupe Fiasco – What U Want

Little Dragon – A New

Body Language – Work This City (MeLo-X Mix)

Mickey Factz – Ashes feat. Phoenix

Iffy – 1+1=2

Metronomy – A Thing For Me (Breakbot Mix)

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Gommi Arcade FUTURE-SHOCK Motion Comic by Creative Control

“…Katsu sees Gommi Arcade on his screen as the evil officers are escorting him to a patrol car. A reporter interrupts the officers trying to ask Gommi a series of questions to which he only replies “Future-Shock”, a secret call to action for the ARMi and a codename for his time manipulation watch made at the Top Secret Nooka laboratory, the watch is a powerful tool as the device uses a “forward” and “rewind” function that can send the handcuffs holding him forward in time, causing them to rust in real time, or send a hand held weapon without ammunition backwards in time until it returns to a reloaded usable state. However, these major alterations in time are highly unstable and will begin to revert almost immediately. -To Be Continued…”

Click HERE to buy the Limited Edition Gommi Arcade x Nooka “Future-Shock” Watch

Music by Precize for GFCnewyork

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Nipsey Hu$$le & Smoke DZA At SOBs

Last night Nipsey Hussle & Smoke DZA tore down SOBs. Mel D. Cole was there to capture the moment. Peep some images of the event.

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Steve-O + William Yan Street Style = Dope

I seem to always run into William Yan on the go. This time he caught me in my Copper Nike Fomposite’s. I’ve been wearing those since they came out. The best damn sneaker to drop this year… YEAH I SAID IT!  Check out Williams Yan’s site.

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Street Etiquette In April Issue Of GQ

You can check the fellas out in the new issue of GQ magazine. Make sure pick up a copy and support Street Etiquette.

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