MeLo-X – She is Forever ft. Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III [Demo] [Prod. By MeLo-X]

Some songs strike you from the get-go. Glued from the first few bars; this became my motivational anthem of the year. Recorded well over a year ago but unreleased until now, MeLo-X joins forces with Jesse Boykins III and Theophilus London on “She Is Forever”; a metaphorical celebration of black culture, packed with fierce quotables, emotive sentiments and passionate delivery over galactically epic production by MeLo, who also impresses with his own lyrical prowess on this number. We’ve been sitting quietly on this track for most of 2010 so it’s with immense pleasure that I can now exclusively make it available to you all for free download. I LOVE it. I hope you do too. Click HERE to download.

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SOOOOO BOOOM, I started a photoblog called Capturing The Moment One Photo At A Time (How Corny Was That) I’m Not A Photographer, I Just Really Like Taking Pictures Of My Friends & Cool Shit.

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MeLo-X – Gone Baby feat. Paul Mcartney & Erykah Badu [Prod. By MeLo-X]

The latest instalment from More Merch is entitled “Gone Baby” produced by MeLo-X. “Gone Baby” documents the first encounter melo had with a Lover over this past summer. The track incorporates Samples From both Paul McCartney & Erykah Badu. Click HERE to download

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Video: Mickey Factz – Skyscraper

Mickey Factz presents his newest visual “Skyscraper” off of his widely acclaimed 7th mixtape “I’m Better Than You” which can be downloaded at Directed by Slick Jackson, Factz takes you into what his dreams are, owning a Skyscraper one day.Thanks for the support.

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Jesse Boykins III 2010 Soul Train Awards Nomination

“I’m super humbled and proud to say that I have been nominated for a 2010 Soul Train Award. They just announced the categories and nominees this morning. I feel highly blessed to be so fortunate to be an unsigned artist in a category with signed great artist like Janelle Monae, Dwele & Corinne Bailey Rae. Hopefully this is a stepping stone for more great things to come.”Jesse Boykins III

Nov 28th tune into the Soul Train Awards
View Here: Soul Train Nominees

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Words From Pete – Real Shit…My Open Letter

So I’m a day late and probably even a dollar short as the saying goes. Well, actually I am a year later (almost) and usually a few dollars short. But in my pocket where money used to be there is now hope. Sure… I guess the hope isn’t like money but it keeps my mind rich. A few people know my story; the close ones. I tell it often to people who are going through things to let them know that things will be okay because they have to be. Behind all of my nice pictures is a man shaken by the fears of failure with his back to the wall and his fist swinging. Some of you reading this will say… “What is he talking about?” Well what I am talking about is being “Lost In Translation” so to speak. Almost a year ago on November 18th, 2009 I was laid-off from a career. THIS LETTER IS A DIARY ENTRY A YEAR LATER. What was my job? It doesn’t matter at this point really. I became one of the stories I often saw on the news before it happen. The guy that has been in a job for years feeling secure and comes into work one day and it’s over. The moment? Man, It felt crazy. I had a little heads-up about it so I knew it was coming. But in a “Union” job you’d like to think “Naw, This can’t really happen right?” But it did. I still remember the day I returned home and I just stood staring at a corner in my bedroom, eyes welled up in tears. Damn, not again.
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MeLo-X – Mirrors In My Mind

Brooklyn’s Renaissance man MeLo-X releases his latest installment from More Merch entitled “Mirrors in my mind”.  This track is a great example of the direction MeLo will be taking on More Merch, bridging the gap between introspective rhyme schemes and spaced out melodies. “Mirrors in my Mind” is a remix of Kordan’s “Mirrors (Take’s No Reflection Remix). Click HERE to download.

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Mickey Factz – I’m Better Than You Mixtape [No DJ Version]

Mickey Factz’s 7th mixtape “I’m Better Than You” has been received as a fan favorite as well as being critically acclaimed by tastemakers and bloggers alike. The tape featuring Fat Joe, Bun B, B.O.B., Big K.R.I.T., is now available as a No-Dj free download. Don’t forget to tune in for BET Hip-Hop Awards tonight as Mickey Factz takes part in this year’s Cipher! Click HERE to download the link

1. Diamond Dust (Prod. By Mickey Factz)
2. I’m Better Than You feat. Steve-O (Prod. By Don Cannon)
3. Legend (Prod. By Precize)
4. Paradise Remix feat. Fat Joe & Bun B (Prod. By Precize)
5. We Young feat. Nakim (Prod. By Precize)
6. Showing Love feat. Count Jus (Prod. By Precize)
7. Light Up
8. Empty Bottle (Prod. Sean C & LV)
9. Interlove (Prod. By Mickey Factz)
10. Friend Zone feat. Redd Stylez & Lundon (Prod. By Count Jus)
11. Again (Prod. By Andrew Bolooki & Steven Linde)
12. Mona Lisa feat. Chester French & Kara Rose (Prod. By Precize)
12.5 Da as Mickey Factz
13. Trinity (Prod. By Soundsmith For Soundsmith & Neenyo)
14. Get By feat. Big K.R.I.T. (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)
15. Skyscraper (Prod. By Precize)
16. Melodic Nightmares (Prod. By M83)
Bonus Track – Mind Got Blown feat. B.O.B. (Prod By 6th Sense)
Bonus Track – Amnesia (The Return)

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MeLo-X – God Rebel Soldiers

“MeLo-X (The God) Releases his newest piece of work entitled “God Rebel Soldiers”. “God Rebel Soldiers” is his remix of the Latest G.O.O.D Music track “Don’t Stop”  Featuring Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell who are Collectively called “Child Rebel Soldier”.  MeLo also remixes the track with more Percussive production and Climaxing Synths. Also inspired by his Jamaican heritage he adds a old school Reggae Intro provided by the Legendary Bob Marley entitled “Soul Rebel”. Click HERE to download.

More Merch Dropping Nov 9th

Enjoy this gift from The GodKing”

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Mickey Factz Listening Party

Check out behind the scenes footage of Mickey Factz premiering and performing his mixtape “I’m Better Than You” for the folks of Public School and The Black Apple. Its most definitely a sight to see. “I’m Better Than You” is still available to download on

Documented By Potential

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