Be sure to go check out the Re-Launch of as you’ll be able to see the glorious works that the Renaissance Man, MeLo-X has amassed over the past years.  Pay respects to the God.

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FKi – The Making Of Travis Porter’s Make It Rain + Bring It Back (Video)

The Producers Behind Travis Porter’s “Make it Rain” and “Bring It Back” FKi tells how the smash hits came about. Fuckin Kickin It Vol. 1 drops next week.

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Smoke DZA – Loaded (Prod. By Lex Luger) Official Music Video

Rrrright, With THC still in rotation, I went to VA and got up with my bro Lex Luger to shoot one of my favorite cuts/feelings “Loaded” lol. S/O to Vizually Inklined for making this cinematic… Pun intended.. Roll something – DZA

Directed By Samuel Rogers Of Vizually Inklined

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Maxwell Tweets MeLo-X’s inStudio Performance

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Mickey Factz – Today Is Tomorrow feat. TALWST [Prod. By A.CHAL]

Deep in the Archives of Mickey Factz music, we present Today is Tomorrow. With blazing guitar riffs, soulful singing & poetical lyrics, this song is one for the ages. Click HERE to download.

Photography By Steve-Ography

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Precize As A.CHAL – ZIPFILE_PRECIZE07 [Instrumental Album]

ZIPFILE_PRECIZE07 is a collection of original beats I produced under the pseudonym Precize between 07- 09 (with the exception of Mickey Factz’ Paradise and We Young). While I prepare to release future projects under my birth name Alejandro Chal, I want to get everyone familiar with where I started from and the progress I’ve made throughout the years. Because of this, no tracks have been revised. They are all straight from my old PC and placed into a zip file. Most of these tracks are made to listen to as is, without a vocalist. There are some instrumentals in here that you might recognize. Enjoy. Click HERE to download.

Soho Underground
Love Shot
Sensibility (Instrumental)
Loud Whispers
Alpha (Instrumental)
Supra Song
Live Session666
The Flood
Fuck is You Talkin’ Bout (Instrumental)
Rockin N’ Rollin (Instrumental)
Paradise (Instrumental)
We Young (Instrumental)
Sunday Afternoon
Steam Love
Morning After

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MeLo-X – More Merch Live at Southpaw (Video)

Malcolm MeLo Mustafa X has a triumphant return to Brooklyn after his overseas More Merch Tour.  In this video release shot by Jesse Boykins III, MeLo exudes his Royal Elegance Bruce Leroy glow while performing the title track “More Merch”at SouthPaw live in Brooklyn.  Be on the look out  for more MeLo-X performance footage coming soon & be sure to Download his LP “More Merch” at


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InStudio: MeLo-X – The Highest

Watch the God, MeLo-X demonstrate his LIVE remix style of “The Highest”. “The Highest” is a remix of Maxwell’s “Bad Habits” off of his Grammy Award Winning Album BLACKsummers’night. MeLo-X’s remix was purchased by Sony Music back in 2009 and used during Maxwell’s World Tour. This video Also features ZephyrXtra.

“I’m a admirer of talent, music, art and style. And no matter how much I get involved and entrenched in the careers of the artists, our family, over here at GFCnewyork, I will always watch from afar. That’s when I can really appreciate and see God at work.”Saint

After the jump, check out MeLo-X performance of “More Merch” @ Southpaw in Brooklyn this past Friday.

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Happy Birthday Vashtie

This past Tuesday we celebrated the birthday of downtown’s sweetheart (but in reality New York’s sweetheart) Vashtie Kola at Santos Party House. This is the great visual recap of the nights festive atmosphere, shot and edited by Coodie of Creative Control.

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