Nakim – We Need Jeezy (Prod. By Lex Luger) (Official Music Video)

The last video Nakim released he stated,

“Dao sat me down and told me that we needed leaders. The way these niggas movin, I feel like they need Jesus. I just needed Jeezy, so I became Jeezy, cuz when you talkin real shit this rap shit EASY”

This time around amid the news that TM103 is pushed back yet again, he felt the need to let the game & world know what the streets been asking for. “We Need Jeezy” is the single off of Nakim’s debut project “FUKEM” coming soon. #YHCLIFE

Directed By Slick Jackson


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Darrelle Revis x Jesse Boykins III x Nike (Video)

In Darrelle Revis’ new ALWAYS ON video, we witness the work ethic that has made him football’s most dominant cornerback. But this behind-the-scenes footage supplies further depth, especially about his interests in music. “The stereotypical athlete lives and dies sports,” says Jesse Boykins III, who provided the backing song “Island of Greatness.” “It’s good to know a cat like Darrelle is passionate about other things.” Before writing the track, Darrelle supplied a list of his favorite artists and influences, from which Boykins created a musical “gumbo.” Of course, we see Darrelle mixing it up on the field too. “They’re working me out a little bit,” he says during the shoot, his sweaty brow glistening under the beaming sun. And opposing receivers will be singing a sad song all season long.

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MeLo-X – BK Allnighter (Official Music Video)

What better way to end the summer than having a BK AllNighter at the Brooklyn Museum’s legendary first Saturdays and giving Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z the official video release for his Life + Times website. On a warm summer night in Brooklyn, MeLo put a call out for all the Kings & Queens of the city to represent one time. This piece is directed by one of MeLo’s frequent collaborators Jay Woo. Together they create a visual work of art that exudes exquisite taste, exhilarating ambiance and Royal Elegance.

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Jesse Boykins III & The Weeknd – B4 The Weeknd Is Thru

Jesse Boykins III pays respect to The Weeknd and finds inspiration in “The Knowing” to bring you “B4 The Weeknd Is Thru” a vocal collage between these two singer/songwriters and influencers in our generation of music and culture. Vibe music with a purpose. Enjoy

“The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” – Marcel Duchamp

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