Smoke DZA – Cuz I Felt Like It (EP)

I was on Nah Right on saturday scrolling thru being a fan, trying to see what’s going on in the music world. Young Roddy dropped a tape on sunday and i got inspired and felt like rappin. So i called my engineer mat cody up and told him to come to the trap. I rapped over some of my friends beats plus a few other tunes i thought was cool, hit 2 of my homies from harlem, and put it out for free cuz i felt like it #Rrrright


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1. 2 AM Monday Night
2. Hollywood Smoke Hogan
3. E.T.’s Finger feat. Jae Millz
4. Spottieottiedopajetshit
5. Less Smoking, More Rapping
6. Two One Two
7. Imaginary Member
8. Cuz I Felt Like It feat. Den10

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